After having obtained nine years of experience in the different tasks of a customs agency, Mr. Rodolfo Gamboa decides, in the month of July 2005, that it is time to start his project to form his own Customs Agency that contributes in a way effective, prompt, efficient and fulfilled with the supply process of the different companies. This is how during the month of August of that same year, he devoted himself to the task of investigating how to start one.

However, the proposal to buy an inactive one reaches your hands. CUSTOMS AGENCY ISTMO, S.A., with 29 years of being formed, had been inactive for 4 years, so he does what is necessary to acquire it, update it, make it right and equip it. In September 2005 CUSTOMS AGENCY ISTMO, S.A. opens its doors with its own office, located 300 Mts. North, 150 East and 75 South of Waterland, La Asunción de Belén, Heredia; It also had a Customs Agent, a transport vehicle, a secretary, and, most importantly, it already had clients who believed in Mr. Gamboa’s vision of service.

Currently, CUSTOMS AGENCY ISTMO offers and provides the services of customs brokerage, tax financing, a fleet of 3 trucks, customs and logistics advice to a portfolio of more than 40 clients.

From the new beginning of CUSTOMS AGENCY ISTMO, Don Rodolfo perceived the need to complement the customs brokerage service with an international consolidation service. However, he also understood that the steps had to be taken in an orderly manner, «slowly, but with good handwriting.» Thus, in June 2006, it decided that it is necessary to have transport and logistics services. NABO LOGISTICS, S.A. is born, for which it has a partner with more than ten years of experience in such services.

The vision of Don Rodolfo and his partner is to place NABO LOGISTICS and CUSTOMS AGENCY ISTMO as companies focused on and by the client throughout the Central American Isthmus.



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